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Who we are

Brazilian Table is a family business through and through. Chef Silvia Boff’s vision is for all to come “home”, sit at her table and enjoy some homemade food served with a warm smile. 

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A family Business

Chef Silvia Boff has many dreams, and two have become reality in the past year: receiving her Greencard and opening a storefront. Brazilian Table was built by the efforts of countless friends and family, and we are honored to continue our family’s story in the USA. 

Authentic Brazilian Food. No Secret Ingredients.

Our Place

You’ll find us in the heart of Lititz, PA. This historic town has all the independent shops and small town charm you can ask for!​

When you walk through the doors you will instantly be transported to a quaint Brazilian bakery. From the smell of strong coffee to the rustic beauty of the decor -  welcome to our Table!

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